Personal Post: Let the Games Begin ! London Pt 1: Isles of wonder

I think last night was the first time I watched the entire Olympic Ceremony from beginning to end. The vibe in the city was electric and for me it was extra special knowing all this was taking place in the city I live, 1/2 an hour away from my home …

What did you think of the Olympic Opening Ceremony?

My favourite part of the Ceremony was watching the young athletes light the 204 petals, brought in by each competing country and watching them alight and merge to form the Olympic cauldron. It was my only breathtaking moment throughout the ceremony and now rivals my other two favourite ‘Lighting of the Cauldron’ Olympic moments in Atlanta and Sydney.

I thought the opening ceremony, ‘Isle of Wonder’ directed by Danny Boyle (Trainspotting / Slumdog Millionaire) balanced Britain’s history, culture and unique humor very well (but I also think you kind of had to be British to truly appreciate it) and for me lacked those breathtaking, goose-bump inducing, awe-inspiring moments I experienced watching Beijing’s synchronized drumming sequence last Olympics and throughout the Sydney Olympic’s opening ceremony.

I know this entry has nothing to do with Styling and Shopping but just wanted to share my excitement about the games starting with you. I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend and good luck to all the athletes (especially the Aussies and Brits – in that order of course!). I’m off to have brunch and embrace what it means to have the Olympics in London …

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No joke – this is probably just the Central line on a normal day

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4 thoughts on “Personal Post: Let the Games Begin ! London Pt 1: Isles of wonder

  1. We had a BBQ lunch while watching the replay in Perth, Australia. After eating a lot at lunch, we decided to go shopping during the part when all the athletes walked out, hence missed the lighting of the cauldron. However, after reading your description of it, I made sure I downloaded it and was very impressed! Thanks for mentioning it on your blog, else I probably would have missed it!

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