T-Styled Me Answered: How to stop wearing the same thing over and over again …

Kim Asked:

Hi Tien! Love your blog! I need some help – I usually wear one simple outfit (blazer, trousers, sweater or A&F/RL shirt) and it can look really dowdy, old and boring. I have no idea how to accessorise or make my outfits look different or exciting! Please help!

T-Styled Me Answered:

Thanks for your question Kim! There’s nothing wrong with throwing on a safe outfit that works but if you find yourself reaching for that same outfit each time, you’ll naturally feel uninspired and it’s a sign to start trying new looks! If you feel most comfortable in a blazer and slacks, I’d suggest making this more exciting by mixing up different textures and colours as a start. Here are small changes I would make to freshen up your described outfit.

1. Alternate the RL shirt / A&F t-shirt with …

 Source / I love a preppy RL crested shirt and a casual A&F tee but if you swap these for a fine silk or polyester shirt like Miranda Kerr’s above, you’ll instantly soften the look.

2. Replace / alternate your trousers with …

Zara Denim: Instore at the moment … I’ve very tempted!

3. Swap your blazer once in a while for …

Source / A perfect example of how colour and accessories brighten up your outfit instantly

4. Ditch your sneakers for …

Source / An alternative way to wearing ankle instead of always tucking them in

5. Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise ! (This is most fun part!)

Source: Try several pieces of jewellery that have a common colour theme

In my opinion, the accessories and shoes will make the most difference to your outfit so concentrate on taking some time to look through these at the stores. If you ever need a personal styling consultation and you’re in London – let me know and I can show you how!

Love, Tien xo

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13 thoughts on “T-Styled Me Answered: How to stop wearing the same thing over and over again …

  1. This is so true, accessories make such a difference! I’ve just started making my own jewellery as I want to have something that no one else has! Check out my Etsy shop:


    I have 4 pieces at the moment and I’m currently working on some on-trend statement pieces which are laser cut and blinged up :)

    I’d love you to feature some stuff of mine when I’ve finished the laser cut pieces. They should be done in a few weeks, I’ll drop you some pics over for you to have a look :)

    I’m off to snoop on the rest of your blog now…

  2. great advice tien! I often opt for this kind of look when I’m in a rush to get out the door to work but usually try to mix it up with the accessories, etc. as you suggested and it makes such a difference!

    ♥ ThankFifi
    Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my post :)

  3. Hey Tien! Thx heaps for your advice, really appreciate it! I’ve since been busy and bought a few things- HOH necklaces (since you rave about it so much!) and a few shirts… got more to buy …and also find the courage to accessorise! Does a watch count? =p

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