TSM Answered: Where do I find the Perfect Blazer ?

Anonymous Asked: 

Hi Tien! I hope you can help me. I’m looking for ideas for blazers that I can wear casually. Do you have any suggestions where I should start looking and how I style it besides wearing it with jeans ?

T-Styled Me Answered:

I have to admit that I have a weakness for blazers and can never seem to say no to a well tailored one! It’s versatility grants it ‘investment wardrobe statement’ status in my books which means it’s okay to have multiples and the best part about having one is that you can smarten up almost any outfit instantly by popping on a blazer.

If this is your first time getting a blazer, think about the type of look you want. If it is a classic one, start with a neutral colour, preferably a black or a navy for Winter and white or grey for Summer with some detailing (e.g gold buttons, silk lining in the sleeves). When I was back in Melbourne, we went shopping for a blazer and found a really gorgeous and well cut blazer from Willow. I’d highly recommend starting with Zara thought if you’re looking for an affordable option  I own at least two from there and can vouch that they are of good quality, have a flattering cut on all sizes and come a range of colours and styles. If you have broad shoulders, I would suggest opting for the jersey blazer which has more elastane in it to provide more flexibility across the shoulders and avoid shoulder pads/ puffy shoulder detailing.

 Above: Blazer with shoulder detailing from Zara

 Above: Zara Jersey Blazer in Navy

 For a preppy look try Ralph Lauren and if you’re after varying lengths and colours, I’d giveTopshop and H&M a go but be wary that their cuts can be slightly big / loose so make sure you try it on for fit first.

As for styling a blazer, you can pop a blazer practically anything! They look great over a pretty floral dress, over with a silk top and bandage skirt, with denim cut-offs and booties or belted with printed trousers. I do think they look best with a simple tee, jeans and a nice pair of heels – With an item like this, the skies your limit and not much thought is required!

I recently bought another blazer (eep!) from Ted Baker after styling it on a client and decided to buy one for myself but had a lot of trouble deciding between colours! After asking my bf for the 100th time which colour to choose and presenting him with my arguments for both, to his relief, I made a decision and opted for a Summery Blush one with rose gold buttons to contrast the three other black blazers in my closet (I was this close to adding another one to the gang!). I wore it on the weekend to a friend’s birthday dinner and drinks paired with shorts and heels.

Elizabeth & James Shelly Silk Embroidered Hart of Dixie ted baker pale pink jacket

 My Outfit

Where have you bought your blazers from and would recommend?

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4 thoughts on “TSM Answered: Where do I find the Perfect Blazer ?

  1. I love the cut on that blazer! I have to agree with you Tien, I think blazers are essential and make any outfit more sharp and put together! I own about 10 myself, (:x) All mostly from Zara. Zara’s fit is amazing even for someone petite like myself. I also enjoy ones with elbow patches to make the blazer more funky vs. business.

    • Ok, now I don’t feel so bad for owning a couple of blazers when you have about 10! 😛 Ohh I haven’t tried one with elbow patches or a crested one either! I must give them a go and wouldn’t mind trying a striped one too :)

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