TSM Product Review: Sephora’s Express Nail Polish Remover

One of my favourite beauty buys which I don’t mind splurging on is the Sephora branded Nail Express Polish remover. Whether it be in the smaller stores in Spain or the mega-flagships in the US, every single time I walk into a Sephora, one to three of these bottles make their way into my basket. I don’t mind picking up a couple extra more just in case it happens to be the last time I ever walk into a Sephora (unlikely) and so I end up giving them away as presents to friends :)

No joke, this nail polish remover will CHANGE your life (ok, perhaps a slight exaggeration but it is definitely amazing in my books) and it’s certainly unlike any nail polish remover I’ve used before. What I love about it is that it’s simple, clean and effortless. There’s no excess rubbing involved; you don’t even need cotton wool and if there’s one thing you may have noticed about me is that I am notoriously lazy (cue many blog photos sans make-up). Although an avid lover of bright coloured nails, removing chipped polish puts me off applying it in the first place. With this nail polish remover, I find it much easier to swap and experiment with colours without wasting a good 20 minutes each time trying to get rid of stubborn polish.

These bottles retail at 7.90 Euros or $9.50 USD depending on where you buy them from and are available to buy online at Sephora (shipping to limited countries). If you ever get a chance, definitely grab one of these!

Sephora Express Nail Polish Remover

The 75ml bottle is filled with foam soaked in nail polish remover liquid with a hole that allows you to individually dip your fingers in and within a minute, the nail polish is removed completely from all crevices of your nail bed, no matter how many stubborn layers you’ve have applied. In my experience, each fingernail only takes 5 seconds and the nail polish is completely removed from the fingernail without any effort at all.


  • Dermatologically tested and formulated without acetones and parabens
  • Gentle on nails
  • Quick, efficient and requires little effort leaving no mess
  • Available online and across Europe & Asia
  • You can’t use them on your toenails šŸ˜›
  • They aren’t available in Australia or UK so stock up when you travel or get a friend to bring one back.
  • Slightly expensive for 75mls
Here are some other goodies I picked on my most recent Sephora haul which I am glad to report have been using :)
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