Shopbop extra 25% off Sale items ends soon!

You know I love a bargain so I’m scoping out the last of the sales (most stores are in their final week of sales) and ShopBop have offered an extra 25% off their sale items with discount code SAVE25, woo hoo! Grab a cuppa tea, click here and let the scrolling begin ….

shopbop 25

Did anyone else spot this Alexander Wang Diego bag on sale ?! swoon. There’s only a few left so don’t forget the SALE25 discount code!

Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag

If you picked up anything nice I’d love to hear about it and live vicariously through you! Happy online Shopping :)

Oh and how gorgeous is this J.crew Gold-tone Glass Crystal rope necklace just out of the blue?

J Crew statement necklace

It’s amazing and I can’t wait to order it for one of my clients!

Oh and this gorgeous dress here too!

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2 thoughts on “Shopbop extra 25% off Sale items ends soon!

  1. Ah, I wish I had the money for this! I didn’t even realise it was sale season till I went out on Saturday and blew a huge hole in my pocket (silly me – will be better prepared next year)

    I stumbled across your blog just recently, and just wanted to say, I really like it! :)

    • Hiya! I wish I had the money for it too but I’m being very good and saving for a Summer holiday … or until my next shopping binge whichever comes first :) Thanks for dropping by – Loved reading through your posts too!

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